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Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training

Service dogs and emotional support dogs play an essential role in assisting someone with a physical, medical, or mental health affliction. Sometimes the working relationship between the service dog and their owner comes naturally, but other times some extensive training is required. The success of this program depends on the dog’s learning aptitude and temperament and the owner’s commitment. Lars’s Canine Excellence provides service dog training and emotional support training so people with physical, medical, and mental health issues can lead happier, and morel independent lives. Tasks a service dog can be trained for include:

Mobility assistance

Retrieval of dropped objects

Diabetic response


Seizure response


Anxiety response


PTSD response

*Other types of assistance tailored to your needs*
A trained and registered service dog is an invaluable assistant that has elevated legal protection to be taken most places in public. I can assist in preparing your dog to obtain it’s Canine Good Citizen CGC title which adds legal legitimacy to your service & emotional support dog goals.
Below is a chart including the types of services offered and pricing:

Service Dog Training


Includes obedience commands, public training, any specific task the owner needs the dog trained to do.


Approximately 4 month training length



Service dogs can be an essential part of a person’s life. We make house calls to your location in New Haven County including Hamden, Cheshire, North Haven, and New Haven, CT. Let’s develop a program with your puppy or adult dog that is tailored for your needs. Reach out today!