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Protection Dog Training

Many dogs naturally alert their owners by barking when they hear an unusual noise. That is a watchdog, not a protection dog. Barking at a delivery person or doorbell ring is something most dogs will do. It’s an audible deterrent.

A dog trained to aggressively bark on command to deter an imminent threat is part of protection training. Training does not have to go beyond that if the owner does not wish. If the owner chooses further extensive training the dog can be trained on command to physically stop an assault that is happening. That is a fully trained protection dog.

Training that exposes your dog to realistic stressful scenarios creates a reliable guardian that you can count on.

Thinking of getting a puppy to be your protection dog?

We can assist in helping you select a breed, a reputable breeder, and test puppies to find the one best suited for you.

Already have a puppy?

Our working puppy development program will lay the optimum foundation for your future guardian.

Have an adult dog?

We work in partnership with the owners to create a stable, reliable home guardian.

Create a 24-hour Bodyguard

Our protection training services allow you to turn your own dog into your protection dog for you and your family. This training can include simply barking at a doorbell (if the dog doesn’t do that already.) The dog can also be taught to aggressively bark on command and stop barking on command when directed at a human. Training can be taken to the highest level where only on command, the dog will physically engage with a human threat to protect its family, either in the home or in public. Remember a sport dog that competes in Schutzhund (IPO), French Ringsport, PSA etc are not real protection dogs. A trainer whose background is only dog sports does not understand the brutal reality of what a real protection dog has to face in a real life encounter. In real life Only a police K-9 handler understands this. We at Lars’s Canine Excellence have this real world knowledge and experience.

Quality Protection Training

is Rigorous and Time-Consuming

Rock-solid obedience and public stability are the foundations of an exceptionally trained protection dog. That’s why the basic and advanced obedience packages, which involve extensive public socializing, are a prerequisite to our protection dog training. If prior obedience and socializing training have been done elsewhere, we will administer testing to determine your dog’s suitability.


Home Protection Dog Training


Includes basic and advanced obedience commands, public trainings, protection training of home and family.


Approximately 4 month training length


$ 4,500

Protection dog training can be an excellent way to help ensure your safety whether for a single person or for a family. Quality training produces reliable results under real life situations. We make house calls to your location in New Haven County including Hamden, Cheshire, North Haven, and New Haven, CT.
We will develop a custom protection dog training package to suit your needs. Call today to discuss developing your dog to be your highly trained guardian. Lars’s Canine Excellence also offers contract security dog training for security companies, government working dog contract training, and protection training for private businesses. Inquire today how we may be of service.