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Emotional Support Training

Emotional Support
Dog Training

It’s widely known how much dogs have a positive impact on a person’s emotional well-being. A well trained, dog with ESA dog training can assist with issues of children and adults such as anxiety, panic attacks, and emotional trauma from life events such as:
Surviving a crime
Autism spectrum support
*We will develop an emotional service dog training program with your puppy or adult dog, tailored for your needs!

Commercial & Police Therapy Dog Training

We provide supplemental training for your existing working dogs in:

Basic obedience

Advanced obedience

Crisis response

Our extensive experience with police dog training can be an asset to dogs used in your:

Police department

Nursing home

School system

*We will tailor a program to fit your facility’s specific needs.
Emotional support dogs can be an essential part of a person’s life. We make house calls to your location in New Haven County including Hamden, Cheshire, North Haven, and New Haven, CT. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to book an appointment for emotional support dog training.

Emotional Support Dog Training


Includes obedience commands and public training


Approximately 2 month training length


$ 2,000