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Correct Unwanted Behavior and Develop Your Relationship With Quality Obedience Training

Each dog has their own personality, whether it’s a mixed-breed or a purebred. They all have traits unique to their breed. For example, living with a Rottweiler is different from living with a Beagle.

The secret is working together with the right trainer, and Lars’s Canine Excellence is here to help you improve your relationship with your canine companion. Owners seek us out after they have tried trainers using unrealistic “purely positive, correction-free” ideas, particularly with intense, strong-willed dogs. We take a common-sense approach based on real-world experience–not unproductive theories.

How Our Training Process Works

Dogs need to be trained to know how to act in certain situations. Some common issues include:

These are all correctable behaviors that often require professional dog training. Our philosophy is to use a balanced approach. We also help pet owners have the right mindset when it comes to training their dogs. It’s not a simple or quick fix to have an obedient dog, we will help you be a calm and confident leader your dog will respond well to.

Love Your Training To Have A Better Relationship With Your Dog

All of our services are handled during house calls. The value of working with in-home dog trainers is your dog will learn acceptable behaviors in the comfort of their home. In addition, we often bring one of our demo dogs to appointments to illustrate certain training ideas.

Behavioral Issues*

Price contingent on the behavior issue you want resolved. Significant aggression issues will have an increased price.

*A  50% non-refundable deposit is required before the first training session. If within New Haven county, the initial consultation is free. If outside of New Haven county, the initial consultation fee is $80 required in advance.

Start obedience training with your puppy or adult dog and you’ll be able to enjoy life to its fullest with them. Reach out to schedule your initial dog training appointment today!


Dog Obedience


Resolving but not limited to one behavior issue such as pulling on leash, jumping up on guests, aggressive towards people or dogs. 


Month by month


$60 per hour, once per week