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Our Motto

Love Your Dog, Love Your Training

These two ideas go hand in hand. When you love your dog you want the best life for it. Quality training that you, as the owner, enjoy being a part of will help to ensure that.

Our Background

Our business opened in 2021 and we take great pride in providing the best in-home dog training for pet owners. By using compassionate and strong leadership, as well as incorporating a mix of innovative behavioral modification techniques and a balanced, common-sense approach, we can relate to dogs and pet owners easily. 

Before opening my dog training practice, I was a successful police K-9 handler. As part of this experience, I learned what works and what doesn’t work in real-life situations. I apply this experience to every in-home dog training appointment. Whether you have a service dog, an emotional support dog, a protection dog or a new family puppy, we can help with any issues they are having.


Our Philosophy

As an experienced dog trainer, I believe in taking a balanced dog training approach. I implement corrections in an intelligent manner and not simply “purely positive” or correction-free. That methodology is not realistic. I employ a variety of techniques and tools to get the most long-lasting results I can, especially with serious behavior issues. All services I provide are house calls as it is valuable for dogs to learn new behaviors in the distraction-free environment of their homes. Billing is usually done per month depending on the program requested.  

Part of dog training is also teaching the owner how to show calm, confident leadership when working with their dog. I advise my clients that it usually takes a high level of commitment over a long period of time since dog training is not a quick fix. But with the help of a one-on-one dog trainer, you can improve your relationship with your dog significantly.

Start Improving

Your Relationship

With Your Dog Today

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for dog training. This is why the experience of Lars’s Canine Excellence is invaluable for transforming your dog into an obedient friend. We provide customized in-home services tailored to your needs in Hamden, Cheshire, North Haven, and New Haven CT, and are ready to help you start improving your relationship with your dog.
Don’t hesitate to reach out at any time to learn more about how I can help as a personal dog trainer.