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Understand & solve your dog's behavior

A relationship with your dog based on trust,
mutual respect and your role as a quality
leader helps create a dog that is a joy to live with.

About Us

If there are behavior issues ranging from jumping on guests to acting aggressively with other dogs, we can assist with that. If you want your dog trained to be your own service dog or emotional support dog, we can help. If you want to explore having your dog trained to be a 24/7 home and public guardian, we can make that happen. 

We believe owners are an integral part of the training process. That’s why Lars’s Canine Excellence can provide quality training in direct working partnership with owners to achieve their goals. Our dog training methodology takes a balanced approach where we use an intelligent use of correction and positive reinforcement. A variety of training tools and techniques are used. The training sessions’ step-by-step techniques are done with the owner, which can then be practiced in between sessions for only a few minutes a day at the owner’s home at their convenience. A dog’s success in resolving a behavior issue, learning basic commands, or achieving advanced performance goals is dependent on the owner’s level of motivation and commitment.

Our Services

We believe in-home dog training is more effective than any other type. If the behavior issue is happening in the home, then the issue can be resolved right there in the home. Our primary services are geared towards resolving behavioral issues, basic and advanced family dog obedience, service dog training, emotional support dog training, and family / individual protection training. My knowledge is based on extensive real-world experience as a handler and trainer of working K-9s.


We have worked with many different dogs and owners doing in-home dog training. What makes us most satisfied are the positive relationships we’ve helped create between owners and their dogs. But don’t take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from pet owners we have worked with in the past: